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Powertek Sendirian Berhad is a subsidiary of Tanjong PLC, generates and sell power as an independent power producer to Tenaga Nasional for uploading onto the National Grid, Malaysia.


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Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"The management team doesn't value employees. Employees are underpaid and benefits are average."

Former Employee - Systems Administrator says

"Low average salary; company is constantly trying to cut corners on employee salaries to get as much money as they can from contracts; company pockets the first few hours of paid overtime; couldn't care less about employee retention rates; overall deceptive and non-transparent."

Former Employee - Desktop Support Technician says

"Desktop Support (Maryland) Low salary. No room for growth Management not willing to fight for workers to receive appropriate raise. Management will ask you to work overtime on incidents and call the time 'learning experiences' and will not stay to assist or get you paid the overtime. Too much drama and politics"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Below average pay Below average benefits No sick time allowed for. Earned PTO must be used if you are sick Very limited work shift flexibility Recruiters mislead you by exaggerating perks to get you in the door"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"At the risk of sounding too negative or getting too personal I am going to try and keep this short (really a lot shorter than it could be). Without naming names, there are a few director-/executive-level folks at HQ that, on the basis of them working at HQ alone, I would recommend folks to look for opportunities elsewhere. By the end of my tenure at this company I would literally be shaking in fear coming in to this office every day. What's worse is there is absolutely NO leeway for teleworking even once a week (at least there wasn't for me, I tried negotiating after being there for a few months and was told it wasn't possible). It's hard to imagine that the things that were said to me, and the way those things were said to me, were done in the confines of an HQ of a seemingly respected and well-established company. I would describe the political and social environment of the Powertek HQ as nothing less than paranoia-inducing and off-putting at BEST, and downright and exceedingly hostile and fearful at worst. This is really the main reason I left (aside from the low pay and being told there would be no potential for raise or promotion even after more than a year passing). I would STRONGLY advise you to consider other opportunities if you are going to be working at the Powertek HQ. As mentioned in the Pros of this review, there are some genuinely nice and really quite brilliant people who show up to work every day and are a pleasure to work with. But the bad (read: ROTTEN) apples that work at HQ are reason enough for me to tell anyone considering working at the Powertek headquarters office to consider employment elsewhere in the Rockville, MD or DMV area."

Technical Support Specialist says

"More concerned with ticket turn-over than with quality of work, and more concerned about filling seats than with hiring/keeping quality people. Fires people who gain any seniority, or who have differing opinions than management."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"You are not allowed to have an opinion. If you raise an issue or a concern, the executives will find you a threat. You can survive there as long as you keep quiet and do exactly as you are told. The environment is pretty brutal. There is plenty of tension and hostility there. The executive is paranoid about everything and puts people up against each other! This company is too amateur-there is a high turnover rate. The executives are incompetent and don't respect anyone there. I sat in meetings cringing because of how the executives talk down to other PMs and directors. They are very degrading-I guess they think insulting others would make up for their lack of experience."

Technical Lead and Senior Exchange Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This company was filled with incompetent and ignorant people who played fast and loose with labor laws, taxes, etc. Just don't waste your time with these people. They are the worst company I worked for in the 30 years I have done IT work."

Project Manger (Current Employee) says

"Poor corporate and on site managers who are more concerned with control of personnel rather than managing the environment and removing obstacles in order for us to meet our mission.Compensation is 30% below market value. Was offered a signing bonus in my offer letter which was initially not honored. Had to leverage a letter from legal counsel in order for the offer to be honored. On site PM made new compensation offer on site, then retracted the offer the next day.HR is very unresponsive to employee requests for assistance. Two to three week delay in responses.Archaic web tools for employees, not centralized corporate portal. There are separate sites for timesheet, webmail, benefits and payroll. This is very surprising from a company that touts IT as its bread and butter.none.see review."

Information Technology (Former Employee) says

"Lets just say I am so happy that I left! The people up top don’t have any respect for the contractors. The contracts seem stable but when trouble is near, no one warned us and gave us any heads up. We have families to feed, but they just want to make their money it seems. On calls, HQ folks yell and curse, very hostile. I am just happy to be back in a professional corporation again and feel bad for the one who took my seat.Great team members, the contractors are really nice and helpful.Disrespectful. Lots of back talk from senior folks.No procedure or chain of command, sort of a mess."

Admin (Former Employee) says

"The Executive team does not know what they're doing in terms of how to manage, how to run a company, how to build and keep morale up and the way they treat and talk to all of their staff is abominable!Great payHorrible Executive Team"

Help Desk Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"Lost contract first day I started. Not able to work job hired for. Didn't know when last day was. When contract was going to be up.pay not bad.no communication with powertek ... letting us know what is going on."

Sr. SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER (Former Employee) says

"Very professional and a great place to work. Outstanding co-workers."

Senior Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The company is more concerned about micromanaging every aspect of the employees instead of assisting the worker to provide excellent service to the client. A lot of promises were unfulfilled and ignored. What is most troubling is the company's ignorance or lack of respect for laws. The attitude seems to be "catch me if you can..." Even though the web site touts them as an ethical company all over the place, they are not, especially when it comes to bonuses and other incentive pay.my wage is good, others not so much. insurance is a good package.insurance is pricey, especially for family. micromanagers, indifferent corporate management. illegal policies in employee manual. no respect for the laws."

Desktop/Helpdesk (Current Employee) says

"From what I understood, they under bid contracts. Therefore, one employee is expected to take up 4/5 missing employees. This is why the company is more concerned about micromanaging every aspect of the employees instead of providing excellent service to the client. As someone said, they really have no respect for the labor laws, and they have been fined by the Depatment of Labor before. Another person said that " HR is very unresponsive to employee requests for assistance" If you are lucky, you will not get fired from complaining. You will have a job for awhileWell, you figured it out with all the reviews here."

GWAC Teaming Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Small business issues. The main challenge was the commute. Driving to Rockville daily was an draining. Loved the work in Business Development, but the Life/Work balance was tested by the hour and half commute.great workcommute difficult"

Site Manager (Current Employee) says

"the opportunity to learn is there through work experience and online learning. advancement potential is limited. This is good experience to get started in an IT helpdesk."